working couple

We are seeking an enthusiastic and proactive couple to oversee the management and operation of our charming 4-apartment hotel located in Amsterdam.

BnB ZOH is a cozy hotel comprising 10 rooms divided into 4 distinct apartments, nestled in the heart of the Heesterveld neighborhood in Amsterdam Zuid Oost. Our location is adjacent to the Bullewijk metro station, offering easy access to the city center, a 15-minute ride away.

The building itself, once a social housing complex, has been ingeniously repurposed to accommodate both business spaces and serve as a hub for creative individuals and student housing. Heesterveld is a thriving artistic community, where various forms of creativity flourish, encompassing art, architecture, music, food, and hospitality. This neighborhood is in the midst of gentrification, and our hotel stands as a significant contributor to this transformation.

Our hotel prides itself on being a bed and breakfast, emphasizing its intimate, local, and privately-owned character. While we do not serve breakfast at the moment, each room is equipped with a small shared kitchen. Furthermore, within the same building, a cafe provides breakfast and lunch options for our guests, adding to the overall convenience of the stay.

We offer an affordable alternative to the more upscale hotels within the city, with excellent connectivity to the local public transport system, particularly via the metro.

The central theme of our hotel is “Stay creative, book a creative stay.” Our typical guests are between the ages of 25 and 35, hailing from major cities in the UK, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, and Asia. We have a minimum stay requirement of 3 nights, and we do not provide daily cleaning services for occupied rooms.

Our hotel, which features 10 rooms accommodating a maximum of 20 guests, also actively manages a vegetable garden in collaboration with the local community.

We are currently in search of a dynamic couple who will assume responsibility for the entire hotel operation. This entails:

  • Efficiently managing all administrative tasks and communication with guests through email.
  • Overseeing the community garden and its activities.
  • Handling reservations and bookings, with the majority being processed via Airbnb.
  • Daily cleaning of rooms (on average, one apartment per day).
  • Managing laundry services, including washing and ironing towels and sheets.
  • Organizing check-ins and check-outs.
  • Ensuring 24-hour presence within the building and at the reception area for safety reasons.

Remuneration: €2,000 – €2,500 per month.
Candidates must operate as self-employed professionals. In addition to the compensation, we provide free housing in one of our apartments, complete with a private room (12 m2), a shower, a television, and a private kitchen. The check-in desk/reception area is integrated into this apartment.


– Applicants must be a couple.
– Candidates should be between 30 and 45 years of age.
– Fluent proficiency in English, with recommended knowledge of Spanish,
  French, or German as a second or third language.
– A strong and professional demeanor.
– Exceptional organizational skills with a keen eye for both the big picture and fine  
– Candidates must possess a valid working permit or temporary residency for the
  Netherlands, which is applicable to non-EU residents.

If you and your partner are passionate about the hospitality industry and ready to immerse yourselves in the creative atmosphere of our unique hotel, we invite you to apply for this exciting opportunity to manage and run BnB ZOH in Amsterdam.

Please provide us with a detailed CV and a motivation letter.