Gallery and Bed & Breakfast

GLLRY ZOH & BnB ZOH are a gallery and a bed & breakfast located in Amsterdam-Zuidoost, surrounded by the colorful homes of young artists that belong to the creative hub Heesterveld Creative Community.

Book a creative stay minutes away from the city center, surround yourself with art and still have enough cash to explore Amsterdam. Or visit GLLRY ZOH and discover local and international (multimedia) art.









Heesterveld in Amsterdam Zuidoost

Did you know that Amsterdam Zuidoost hosts over 140 nationalities and is a melting pot of 101 different cultures? GLLRY ZOH & BnB ZOH are surrounded by a multi-cultural, international and colorful environment, where artists, designers, musicians, students, media-professionals and other creatives that are developing their talents, are seconds away. Meet, share ideas and co-create. Experience the real Amsterdam while discovering (street) art.

Interior design and exhibtion program

The raw en elegant interior of GLLRY ZOH and BnB ZOH is a reflection of the diverse and creative styles of the neighborhood. The concrete floor in linseed oil combined with old polished copper piping; with unique design furniture out of plywood and raw 3D printed bamboo lamps. Original touches such as the unique doors and art of  RUA artists, an international street art platform, is what makes GLLRY ZoH & BnB ZOH so remarkable.

GLLRY ZOH offers an exhibition program and hosts performances, lectures, events and discussions. Exhibiting national and international artists, GLLRY ZOH creates a dynamic art scene, within the context of the experimental multi-cultural setting the gallery is located in.

Because GLLRY ZOH is located in the same building as BnB ZOH, there are also international artist residencies programs.