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Art Doors at BnB ZOH by artist Corkville

Artist in Residence at our BnB, December 2014
The Funky Animal Art Doors series has several reference points, including New Age psychedelia, tribal art, the excesses of the Baroque era, Japanese animation, video games and comic books.

The series brings a twist to egocentric portraits of conquerors, rulers and influential figures. By replacing human images with those of animals; weird surreal and quirky creatures, I want to depict a free world of the future.A world that is not ruled by one superior race, but by an alliance of different creatures who create their own utopia through combining their functionality. The images come from a fascination with myths, terrifying tales and fantasy scenarios, but can also be seen as an invitation to humility and respect for nature and all earthlings.

Mark van der Noord/Corkville

For sale: replica of your funky
animal art door

Size: 20x 50 cm
Technique: Digital photo print on wood (multiplex)
Normal price: € 30,- per piece.

Special price: € 20,- per piece

30% discount for direct bookers. Signed by artist