GLLRY ZOH is a project space and art platform. Part of the Heesterveld Creative Community in Amsterdam Zuid Oost.
GLLRY ZOH offers an exhibition program, performances, lectures, events and discussions. Exhibiting national and international artists with the aim of creating a dynamic artistic scene, experimenting with the specific context. GLLRY ZOH  supports multimedia art, artist residencies and exhibitions in public space.

GLLRY ZOH presents the exhibition Foreign Affairs

Opening reception: Saturday, September 16th
12.00-00:00H. Cocktail by Loidys Carnero


Yaima Carrazana
Foreign Affairs series
Oil on canvas
200 x 140 cm (each)

Loidys Carnero
The Odd One Out
Screenprint on plywood, steel
150 x 73 x 90 cm